September, 2021: New paper published in Social Media + Society with Nicole Ellison, Sarita Schoenebeck, and Robin Brewer! We look at the connection between how people browse + click on FB content and self-esteem, with eye tracking method. We find that, only when people are looking at more social content (seeing more post from friends), there was a negative association between self-esteem and being a high viewing clicker (i.e., someone who clicks on more posts + spends longer time looking at *individual* posts.

June 2021: I am super thrilled to start on a new team at Google! I joined the Messages team, where I will work to improve the experience of texting and messaging for Android users 🙂 Super excited to dive back again into the world of tech communication!

August 27, 2020: My paper with Nicole Ellison (first author), Sarita Schoenebeck, Robin Brewer, and Aari Israni on non-click behaviors is accepted to Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication! We proposed the concept of non-click–intentionally not clicking–and examined reasons, motivations, and relational functions behind why people do not click on content on social media. Pre-print here.

June 22, 2020: I started at Google as a UX Survey Researcher with the Google Cloud Customer & Partner Experience team! So excited to officially join Google full time 🙂

May 20, 2020: I successfully defended my dissertation!

Jan 16, 2020Together with Joe Bayer and Nicole Ellison, we published a synthesis piece, reviewing and defining key social media elements along with psychological processes in Annual Review of Psychology: Social Media Elements, Ecologies, and Effects. [PDF]

Jan 15, 2020: My paper with Nicole Ellison (first author), Sarita Schoenebeck, Robin Brewer, and Aari Israni is accepted to ICA 2020! In this paper (Why we don’t click: Interrogating the relationship between social attention and clicking in social media contexts by exploring the ‘non-click.’).

December 9, 2019: My paper with Nancy Baym, Private Responses for Public Sharing: Understanding Self-Presentation and Relational Maintenance via Stories in Social Media, was accepted to CHI 2020! We examine self-presentation and relational maintenance on Stories, which offers private feedback for public sharing–diverging from dominant paradigm on social media. [PDF]

November 1st, 2019: I passed my dissertation proposal defense!

Fall 2019: I will be a Graduate Student Research Assistant with Sarita Schoenebeck. We will continue our project on what solicits attentiveness and responses to localized online communities postings.

Summer 2019: I will be a User Experience Research intern at Google, working with Kerry Spalding on Duo–Google’s video chat app–in the Kirkland (Seattle) office!

May 24 – 27: I will be at ICA 2019!

January 2019: I have two first-authored papers accepted to ICA 2019! “Seeing the Invisible: The Invisible Behavior Research Framework for Understanding Reception of Social Media Sharing” is co-authored with Nicole Ellison and lays out a research agenda for understanding browsing and responding behaviors on social media. “Private Responses for Public Sharing: Understanding Stories in Social Media” is my research internship work with Nancy Baym, which looks at self-presentation and relational maintenance via social media Stories.

Fall 2018: I am starting a new project with PI Sarita Schoenebeck on how different audience settings can influence viewers and their attentiveness to posting, using eye-tracking methods.

August 2018: I will be a panelist at CSCW 2018, along with Nicole Ellison, Megan French, Eden Litt, and S. Shyam Sundar, on a panel entitled Without a Trace: How Studying Invisible Interactions Can Help Us Understand Social Media. We will discuss some of the challenges facing social media researchers when it comes to combining behavioral trace data with more traditional social science methods.

June – August 2018: I will be a research intern at the Microsoft Research New England Social Media Collective group, working primarily with Nancy Baym. My proposed research project concerns how people deliberate their self-presentation and lack of visible feedback associated with ephemeral Instagram and Snapchat stories.

May 2018: I attended the International Communication Association’s Doctoral Consortium for the Communication and Technology & Mobile Communication division, where I presented and received feedback for my proposed dissertation.

Winter 2018: I will be a Graduate Student Research Assistant for two projects with PI Christian Sandvig: (1) Beyond the Black Box: Understanding and Designing for User Expectations of Algorithmic Media and (2) Auditing Algorithms: Adding Accountability to Automated Authority.

December 8, 2017: I passed my field prelim exam and became a PhD candidate.

Nov 11, 2017: My paper–Who Likes to Be Reachable? Availability Preferences, Weak Ties, and Bridging Social Capital–with Joe Bayer, Nicole Ellison, Sarita Schoenebeck, and Emily Falk, has been accepted for publication at Information, Communication, and Society. [PDF]

September, 2017: I and my advisor, Nicole Ellison, have a forthcoming chapter in the A Networked Self and Love book, edited by Zizi Papacharissi, where we talk about the multi-channel perspective in interpersonal communication. [PDF]