About Me


December 8, 2017: I passed my field prelim exam and became a PhD candidate.

Nov 11, 2017: My paper–Who Likes to Be Reachable? Availability Preferences, Weak Ties, and Bridging Social Capital–with Joe Bayer, Nicole Ellison, Sarita Schoenebeck, and Emily Falk, has been accepted for publication at Information, Communication, and Society. [PDF]

September, 2017: I and my advisor, Nicole Ellison, have a forthcoming chapter in the A Networked Self and Love book, edited by Zizi Papacharissi, where we talk about the multi-channel perspective in interpersonal communication. [PDF]

Fall 2017: I will be a Graduate Student Instructor for two classes with Nicole Ellison: SI 315 –  Interpersonal and Psychological Implications of Social Media and SI 429 – Online Communities.

April 19, 2017: Received the Rackham Summer Award ($8,000) for my research proposal with Nicole Ellison on invisible behaviors on and beyond social network sites.


I am a PhD student in the University of Michigan School of Information, advised by Dr. Nicole Ellison.

I see myself at the intersection of Information and Communication, with strong influence from my undergraduate background in psychology. Specifically, my research interests concern how interpersonal processes unfold via a range of communication technologies, particularly social media. I also look at identity processes, notably self-presentation and impression management, on social media in my work.

I am a member of the Social Media Research Lab and the Michigan Interactive and Social Computing Group (MISC) at UMSI.

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